Great Idea - How to Access State Funds for the Training Your Company Provides Its Employees...

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With training budgets under constant pressure of cuts, where does the money come from to invest in infrastructure, curricula revamps, and people? We've heard that complaint from a lot of our customers, but don't despair. There actually is a way of adding millions of dollars to your budget by simply taking advantage of State Workforce and Economic Development Program funds administered by the various States to either keep jobs in their State, or to increase the job base. There's nearly $750 million dollars available from the states. As a rule of thumb, these program payouts average about $500 per full-time equivalent in reimbursements for our clients across the multiple states that they operate in, so a company with a full-time employee base of 20,000 in the US will usually be eligible for around $10,000,000. As you can imagine, each State has different rules, so your situation might differ. However, we'll send you data on what qualifies, tables of how much is available in each State, and how you can go after these monies risk free. Please send me an email for additional program data: (click to send email to Joe DiDonato).

Here's a quote that makes it worth a look:

"We had no idea where the money would come from to invest in our new LMS - and still do a revamp of our Corporate University. Finding out about these State training reimbursement programs, and having someone else do all the work, was the best news we ever received..."